“Crime scene” fact check: How realistic is to see you again after so many years?

For 14 years, the boy was gone–then by chance his mother found him again. The Dortmunder “Tatort” devoted a big fear of many parents. How often does such cases really occur?

The child disappears and becomes a victim of a crime – that fear of many parents addressed the Dortmunder “Tatort” “Dog day afternoon”. Starting point of the plot: Mel Dehlens (Raja Ibrahim) believes, to recognize her son John missing for 14 years on the road.

As demonstrated at the end, she was right. Her son was kidnapped as an infant in the Park by another woman and raised under the name of Jonas. The search according to Timmi – under the leadership of Chief Superintendent Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt) – had the police 14 years previously unsuccessful abandoned.

Also missing persons cases with a tragic end is considered to be enlightened. These individual cases move the public particularly hard. Most recently about the disappearance of two small boys: for months the police sought last year after Elias from Potsdam, for weeks after the Mohamed, who was kidnapped before the Berlin State Office for health and Social Affairs – at the end, the investigators found the bodies of the children. A 32-Jähriger confessed to have killed them both.

According to the investigators, heartache or problems at school are frequent occasions that children leave and are reported missing. In other cases, the parents are responsible: in a dispute over the custody it happens time and again that a parent flees with the child – sometimes even in foreign countries, where the German authorities do not have access.