Anti-Trump Website Launched By Former Hillary Clinton Employee

Hillary Clinton’s former digital director for communications, Matt Ortega has just launched a website in an attempt to expose all the corruption Donald Trump has been and is involved in.

Even the name given for the website was self-explanatory, having called it, and ‘af’ is the address code for Afghanistan, which therefore can be addressed or surface at a much higher speed to the ones overseeing the domains, along with hopefully gaining support from the UN.

However, in a non-professional manner, ‘af’ also serves to stand for “as fuck.” Mr. Ortega claims that he paid for the launch of the website all out of his own pockets and did it single-handedly.

On the site, a photo of Donald Trump is shown with the caption “Donald Trump is corrupt AF.” Links shared to support the cause may be submitted to the website, but Mr. Ortega ultimately will decide on whether or not these links will be put on the website.

Mr. Ortega argues that it should be quite obvious with Trump’s positions on certain issues and how he may quickly be persuaded into another view just for the sake

of his own financial interest, be it for his own finances or his businesses. Mr. Ortega states that his primary motive and objective for creating this website is to arouse more attention about the moral and principled delinquencies around Trump’s presidency, and feared that it hadn’t been exposed enough or talked about enough by enough people.

This apparently has not been the first mocking meme Mr. Ortega has initiated towards the Republicans, as he mocked Mitt Romney back in the 2012 campaign with the website ‘’ in which conceptual elasticity was poked fun at.

“There were so many conflict-of-interest stories flying around, it was kind of hard to keep track of everything. That’s my fear. It will all go down a memory hole and people will forget,” Mr. Ortega remarked regarding his worries that the citizens will not speak up enough as time passes by and this presidency becomes a reality for a few more years.