Charlie Sheen opens up about being diagnosed with HIV

In 2015, Charlie Sheen announced that he was diagnosed with HIV. He recently sat down with Michael Strahan and Good Morning America to talk about it. Sheen said he is “appreciative” for the health care that he has gotten since being determined to have the sickness that impacts more than 1.2 million individuals in the U.S., as per the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Learning about the illness has been a test for Sheen. He even confessed to desiring to “eat a bullet”, when he discovered that he had HIV.

Sheen likewise stated, “I’m so grateful for what was available when it happened. Even more grateful for what’s available right now, when I’m, I’m in the middle of it, you know?” Sheen included that some days are better versus others. Be that as it may, however most days are “cool.” He opened up to the world about his HIV analysis, four years after he was initially analyzed.

Sheen has made considerable progress from the times of his notorious quotes about “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA.” But he doesn’t really lament his dubious explanations. He went on to share, “I believe that we are the sum total of all of our experiences, good and bad. You know? So, yeah, for those things to have occurred, I had to absorb them. But they don’t lead the charge. It’s fun to kind of watch sometimes, but also, just a little bit ‘cringeable.’ It’s like, ‘Dude, what the hell was that?’”

Following a four year film rest, Sheen will come back to the screen in another motion picture, “Mad Families,” a parody that streams on Crackle, dealing with three families from various foundations compelled to spend a vacation trip together. Sheen said that he has been a part of a Food and Drug Administration Study for another HIV treatment.

Sheen said “For eight months now, I’ve been enlisted in a FDA examine for a pharmaceutical, for a medication called PRO-140.” He included that the medication is in the “final stages” of its trial run and “near approval.”