Canadian Man Missing for Five Years Found in Amazon Jungle

A Canadian man who has been missing for 5 years, was recently found in the Amazon jungle, over 6,500 miles away from his home in Vancouver.

Anton Pilipa, a 39-year-old Canadian man was reported missing from his Vancouver home in 2012. Five years later, he was reunited with his brother Stefan after being found in the Amazon jungle more than 6,500 miles away.

Finding Pilipa in the Amazon

Pilipa was found with no money or identification. He reportedly survived in the Amazon by scrounging in trashcans and depending on the kindness of strangers.

He was reportedly spotted by a Canadian-born Brazilian cop. With the help of several international agencies and embassies, she managed to track down his family and few him back to Vancouver to reunite with them.

“I was stunned,” Anton’s brother Stefan told the  ‘I told myself that he was dead. Because that was the only thing I could come up with that explained his absence.

“But in my heart of hearts, I didn’t think he could be.“

”I was really shocked,’ added Stefan, who said he’d spent years asking himself the same question, ”Where is he? What happened to him?”

“I feel amazed that he’s alive and had made it that far.”

When He Went Missing

Anton was reportedly suffering with mental illness when he trekked across two continents. He traveled through at least ten countries from Canada. This included the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil.

According to his brother, Anton was trying to get to the National Library of Buenos Aires in Argentina. However, when he got to the library, he was turned away as he didn’t have any identification. This is when he went into Brazil and was eventually found.