Bruno Mars Shows His Rap Roots

Who doesn’t know Bruno? Bruno has become famous over the past few years for his addictive pop songs that remain in radio play rotation. His latest album, “24K Magic” is heavily influenced by a lot of rap artists in the West Coast. The international star shared what led him to creating ‘24K’.

Bruno says that 24K Magic is a partial reflection of the music that he grew up listening to. “The spirit of this album, growing up in the ’90s, is to me the most joyous for me. That’s my childhood. That’s what I grew up on. I love DJ Quik, Suga Free, Too Short, E-40, Dr. Dre of course, Snoop, and that’s because these songs, they influenced hip-hop, these ’70s funk songs, but it took place in the ’90s and that’s why you had this soulful music with a superstar rapping on it. For me, it was all about the live show and the kind of party I want to throw.” Bruno’s long list of influences show that he knows his rap music. Each of the artists are legend in their genre.

After showing his love for rap, some may wonder how Bruno felt about the remarks from Kanye West, after Bruno won the Best Male Video award at the MTV Video Music Video Awards in 2013. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bruno said this about Kanye: “I won one award! But, he was right about the pretty part. It’s Kanye, bottom line. At the end of the day, we need Kanye. But, what he said wasn’t a sting. You can come at me all you want. I’ve set myself up for that. But I am my own biggest critic. Whatever anyone says to me, they don’t know shit. But me and him, we’re cool. He called me and apologized. Kanye loves me, man. You know that. Who doesn’t? I’m Bruno Mars!”