Bill Maher links supporters of Trump to drug abuse

Night of the Inaugural, Real Time with Bill Maher came back with another season. The show was based on the states that upheld Donald Trump and their manhandle of drugs. On account of West Virginia, “Trump’s most successful state” vote-wise, the previous six years has seen its populace manhandle “780 million hydro and oxycodone pills. That’s 433 pain pills for every person in the state. West Virginia’s mascot is a dilated pupil”, said Maher

Maher included that while medicate utilize was a generalization of liberals in the Sixties, similar to Merle Haggard’s counterculture-reprimanding “Okie from Muskogee”, it is presently red expresses that are to a great extent mishandling illicit opiates.

“Today Muskogee, population 38,000, has nine treatment centers. They should change the lyrics to ‘We don’t share our needles in Muskogee / We don’t mix our smack with PCP'”, said Maher. Be that as it may, he brought up that medication utilize is one of only a handful couple of things liberals and traditionalists have in like manner, so it ought to be dealt with like an olive branch of sorts.

“You Trump voters are stoned? Please, we liberals invented stoned! This is common ground. We get high and bid a thousand bucks for a Beatles lunchbox on eBay. You got high and ordered a president from Moscow”, said Maher. The host then doled out some exhortation from his lifetime of intelligence and involvement in getting wasted,” including just doing drugs that originate from the earth.

Maher called attention to, “Of the 14 states with the highest number of painkiller prescriptions per person, they all went for Trump. Trump won 80 percent of the states that had the biggest heroin problem, and the counties that he won in Ohio and Pennsylvania that went for Obama last time, are the ones that are wracked by opiate abuse.” The host cautioned, “Kids, don’t do heroin. It’s a gateway to being a Republican.”