Berlinale opening film: Fireworks in the dream factory of gaga

The Berlinale opening filmHail, Caesar!” by the Coen brothers, pays homage to the Hollywood of the 1950s, with great actors, sparkling details – and a nothing story.

It is an often underestimated in the actor’s craft art, to make elegant to the idiots on the screen. Scarlett Johansson, who dabbles in the new movie of the Coen brothers in a grotesque blue-green mermaid costume by a giant swimming pool that proves to be true Queen of this compartment during the water fight. George Clooney, who repeatedly starts grinding or his gleaming white teeth into the camera like a Hamadryas, does that with a lot of charm. More noblesse sets only Ralph Fiennes on the day, which celebrates the caricature of a British artist with raised eyebrows and extreme Näselei.

“Hail, Caesar!” is a feel good film in wonderfully colorful Hollywood Studio backdrop, in which often the suspicion creeps over the Viewer, the film actors and their helpers had probably even a little more fun on the set as the audience in the cinema hall. The American directed by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, famous for their Cockiness, their intelligence and their tendency to sometimes partiers incursions, portray the heart of the film industry here in 1951. All Hollywood is a cage full of mad drama artist, Communist writer and art also money donors who decide somewhere in their palaces on occupations and star careers.