American Crime Cancelled By ABC After Airing For 3 Seasons

American Crime has just been cancelled by ABC production, after 3 seasons, as the show failed to garner viewers.

ABC production decided to call American Crime off, which kicked off in 2015, after the network aired season 3 and discovered later that the cake is not worth the candles. The show did not get considerable views when it debuted. However, season 3 made only two million views and was rated 0.4 among audiences aged 18 to 49, according to TV Line.

Fans and cast members saw it coming

American Crime has been perceived as one of ABC’s and was well-received by critics, moreover, a cast member Regina King is Emmy-awarded. The show also managed to get listed in the best-limited series category. However, the show had its chip due to the reducing view figures.

On one hand, fans and cast members expected that show would be called off as Felicity Huffman revealed that the series will be likely be called off after airing three seasons.


Huffman announced at The Contenders Emmy soiree, “Unfortunately with broadcast television it’s very hard to get an audience – our audience may not be there right now.If there isn’t a Season 4, I’m so honored that this is our last season. I think ABC has changed the face of network TV and what network TV can do… They are beyond what cable can do. Sometimes those things have a short shelf life, but the ripple effect is great.” according to Deadline.

On the same occasion, “American Crime” executive producer Michael McDonald said that he already thought of a storyline for season 4.

“We have a story that we want to tell. Seeing what’s happening on FOX News, and it’s happening with Uber, you’re seeing the role that women play in the workforce,” he said. McDonald could be discussing sexual harassment, according to Deadline.