Amber Tamblyn calls out James Woods for trying to pick her up at the age of 16

Amber Tamblyn just threw herself into an online spat between Armie Hammer and James Woods, accusing James Woods of trying to pick her up when she was little.

In a tweet, the 34-year old actress tweeted that James Wood attempted picking she and her friend up some time ago at a restaurant. Tamblyn told Woods that she was 16, but he said its better. Tamblyn’s tweet came after the insults Woods rained on Hammer’s critically acclaimed gay romance movie with the title Call Me By Your Name.

Wood’s tweet

Woods tweeted that Tamblyn was raising false accusation, in response to a question by a twitter user who asked if he was in the right track to criticize the age gap between the movie role he played (24-year-old) and his on-screen 17-year old boy friend.

The twitter user who questioned Wood’s act saying that he once tried to pick up a 16-year old girl but has the guts to talk about the gay relationship between 24 years and 17 years old. However, Woods denied the story and pointed out that the gay relationship stuff is illegal.

Earlier, Woods quoted a tweet that detested the age difference between the 17-year old love interest – Timothee Chalamet, and Hammer’s 24-year old character. His quote points at the indecency associated with such relationship.

Hammer takes shot at Woods

Hammer wasn’t taking it easy as he responded quickly, calling out Woods for dating Ashley Madison, who was just 19 when he was 59. He went on to say that the relationship which started 2007 relationship lasted for over six years, and later called off the relationship. Hammer also said that Woods broke his relationship with the 19-year-old Madison and started another one with the 20-year old Bauguess in 2013 when he was old already- 66 years.
Call Me By Your Name has been going viral over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Hammer accepted the fact that he took up the role of a graduate student that falls in love with the son of his professor that helped him out. Hammer disclosed this at a Q&A after screening at the festival.

Call Me By Your Name will be at the theaters Nov. 24.