97 –Year-Old Twins Die Right Outside of Home After Falling And Laying In Cold For Hours, Say Police

Martha Williams and Jean Haley came into the world side by side, and that’s exactly how they left it as they were outside of Haley’s home last weekend. They most likely passed away due to hypothermia, say police in the town of Barrington, Rhode Island.

Events of the Evening

Last Friday night, the pair of twins traveled into town to meet their younger sister, 89 years old, who currently lives in a different home in the same city, Barrington.

After they all had dinner, she dropped the twins off at Haley’s home in Opechee Drive at around 8:30 p.m., and drove off before they had gone inside. The home is predominately isolated, as it is located at the last part of a quiet road.

Investigators believe that Williams, from East Providence, Rhode Island, might have fallen while in her driveway as she walked over to her car, police say in a statement.

Haley may possibly have tripped over a rug that was in her garage when she attempted to get inside the house and call 911.

Haley was then left immobile, and her garage door was left wide open, exposing her to temperature that dipped below 16 degrees as they were stranded in their driveway.

The next morning a neighbour had discovered Williams lying face down on the driveway. Haley had also been found in her garage.

Authorities came to the scene and immediately rushed both of the women to the nearby Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. They had been announced dead almost right away.


Police don’t believe foul play had been involved, and despite no official cause of death yet, authorities said “extreme cold temperatures that evening may have been a factor.”

Barrington police released a statement, with Chief John M. LaCross saying: “On behalf of the men and women of the Barrington Police Department, our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to the Haley and Williams’ families during their tragic loss.”