50 Cent Makes Soulja Boy Legal Issues a Big Joke

On Friday, Soulja Boy’s online networking jokes at last made up for lost time with him. Following quite a while of imparting video clasps to weapons show, the self-implicating cuts brought about his capture for abusing the terms of his parole. Obviously, reverberating what the Shade Room brings up, did it even happen if 50 Cent didn’t say something regarding the matter?

At the point when 50 Cent got expression of the news that Soulja Boy had been captured after police found a firearm in his habitation because of a tip getting powers hip to his forceful online networking conduct, the 41-year-old responded in genuine Fif mold, presenting his silly critique on his Instagram.

“S**t be insane over here,” he starts, bearing somewhat of a smile. “In the first place Soulja resembled, ‘Quavo need some meat with me.’ Couple days after the fact he resembled ‘Quavo call police on me. You realize what sort of weapon they discovered?” he proceeds. “I trust they ain’t find that draco. Discover something else don’t find that draco. I realize that n***a focused. N****s calling 1-800-Tips on a n***a? What the f**k did you do?”

A traveler then specifies that Quavo more likely than not been frantic about Soulja dissing him, an announcement that Fif rapidly close down. “Nah he’s popping now, his name everywhere throughout the s**t, B,” Fif includes. “That n***a don’t give a f**k about that. This s**t insane.”