Ivanka Trump Wants Tech In Kindergaten Schools

She started by saying that every aspect of the economy is transformed by technology and with this knowledge it is more essential to provide education and training for the citizens and that it is necessary to give them what they need to get jobs that are well paying and will produce workers that are successful.

She continued saying that all jobs that are outside the tech sector whether they are from the health sector, the sports sector manufacturing sector, educational sector, all need programming to function properly in their businesses and to improve productivity in their goods and services. She emphasized the fact that nearly all industries can be seen as a technology industry now in 2017.

She reviewed how just the week before, a memorandum for the secretary of education Betsy Devon to promote STEM education was signed by President Trump with its focus in computer science; she added that a minimum of $200 million is to be paid annually to support this effort.

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She stated that it is important that all students including the minorities and women have access to computer science education as the demand for computer science skilled workers is high. She emphasized that producing a way for citizens to a job should start from the curriculum of K-12 and continue with skill acquisition, vocational training and also retraining of workers that have been displaced.

She reinforced that comprehensive solutions are needed as there is no silver bullet. She continued emphasizing that every American worker whether unemployed, underemployed or even, discouraged deserve a pathway to financial security and job success and that the education and training are necessary for the children right from the start.