Immigration: Uni President calls for Arabic as a compulsory subject for all students

Arabic should be compulsory for all children in schools in Germany – the President of a Hamburg-based private University is committed to this idea: “We would thus acknowledge to be a country of immigration.”

Not only for refugee children, who come from the Middle East to Germany, should learn a new language at school, but also German children. The President asked that the private Kühne of logistics University in Hamburg, Thomas Strothotte. “In this country should be added that the German children learn Arabic”, writes the Professor of computer science in a guest column for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

German and Arabic should be compulsory for all students up to high school. In addition to German as a core competency would be “a gateway into the Arab world possible.” We have to recognize that, to be a country of immigration and a multilingual society”.

Strothotte, is of itself a Canadian citizen and lives in Germany since 1985, goes a step further: Equal teaching languages, German and Arabic children in Germany would prepare now for the profound transformation of the Middle East.

By learning the Arabic language “we recommend ourselves and our children as an economic, cultural and political partner that can accompany this transformation process”, it goes in the guest post.