We are solidly behind the Surface Team – Panos Panay

The Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, Panos Panay said the Aim of Surface Team has remained to produce devices that give outstanding experiences to its users and fans. It’s the driving force behind every step of this firm, and the firm is proud for the devices it has built so far.

Panay debunks results from Customer Reports survey

Sometimes, Consumer Reports Survey is not worth it, and is very disappointing. While we accord due respect to Consumer Reports, we don’t concur with their results. Surface Team has come a long way in the past few years, and have garnered a lot. We optimize quality in the Surface team and use metrics to include return rates and failure rates.

Both the foreseen 1-2-year failure and recovery rates from Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are way below 25%. Likewise, we keep track of other signals of quality including IPU (Incidents Per Unit) which has grown over the generations but now below 1%.

Panay added that Surface ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction. It can be seen from the data that shows that 98% of Surface Pro 4 users Surface book users declare their satisfaction with the device. Then again, these products keep getting positive reviews.

Panay went on to say that Surface Team continues to improve with any set of devices produced, as they listen to their customers. The team is bent on seeking innovations and supporting positive change. He reiterated that the team’s commitment to satisfying their customers could never be compromised.