Volvo Unveils It’s First Hybrid Electric Car Model

The electric car which is named Polestar is going to be a competition to Tesla, which has dominated the hybrid market for the longest time.

This car promises a driving range of 93 miles. Only about 400 of these cars are going to be produced starting from 2019. The polestar model is to be of three models; the polestar 1, the polestar 2 and the polestar 3.

The polestar 1 has two electric motors that make up a horsepower of 218. The body parts of the car will be made with a lightweight material called carbon fiber. The second car, polestar II will be a fully functional electric car that will be designed to compete against the Tesla Model 3 directly. The polestar three will be a fully functioning electric SUV.

Plant Moved To China

These cars are to be manufactured in China by Zhejiang Geely Holding which is a parent company to Volvo. The polestar will share some engineering features with Volvo but the Volvo senior vice president for design, Ingenlath promised that there would be a significant difference between the Polestar brand and the Volvo brand.

Volvo bought the Swedish company, polestar in 2015. The cars produced from polestar then had both the guide and Volvo branding. The polestar brand will now be completely separate and different from the Volvo brand. They also will not be up for sale as they’ll only be offered on a lease-like subscription basis. Ingenlath also mentioned that the use of subscription fees and system of Internet-based sales would be used.

China has the biggest market for electric and hybrid vehicles as they have accounted for double of what the United States made in sales which is 159,620. In China, where the government is promoting the use of hybrid electric cars, polestar expects them to account for more than half of the global sales.