Voice starting a Nissan SUV made possible by Alexa

‘Alexa’ as created by Amazon most new ability does not permit it to link some appliance or gadget; it is for the light operation of Nissan Cars.

Nissan, following last week’s declarations implying that BMW’s to be released models would be compatible with the Voice controlled Assistant, announced that a few of its cars would, provided you desire only to make it start the car or unlock doors.

This new skill of Alexa is tied with the smart service inputted by NissanConnect, the automaker, to perform a range of primary assignments remotely by using simple commands, for example, ‘Alexa, tell NissanConnect services to.’

The duties include; Turning engine off or on, unlocking and locking car doors amongst other tasks. It appears that the skills are present currently, and with models to boot.

The interactions appear limited when compared to the services BMW hopes to provide from next year, which includes the integrations of the voice control command into its vehicles fully. This coupled with inquiring about driving directions or about asking for news.

It’s an added grip for Amazon who competes alongside other tech giants such as Apple’s Carplay and Google’s Android Auto.

The Alexa skill is used able in the following models:

  • Nissan Altima in 2016 till 2017
  • Nissan Maxima in 2016 till 2017
  • Nissan Murano in 2017
  • Nissan Pathfinder in 2017 till 2018
  • Nissan Rogue in 2016 and 2017
  • Nissan Rogue Sport in 2017
  • Nissan Sentra in 2016 till 2017
  • Nissan TITAN in 2017
  • Nissan TITAN XD in 2016 till 2017
  • Nissan GT-R in 2017
  • Nissan Armada in 2018