Turkish Online Activists Conduct A Cyber-war On The New Hollywood Movie “The promise” In a Nationalist Initiative

“Guys, Hollywood is filming a big movie about the so-called Armenian genocide and the trailer has already been watched 700k times. We need to do something urgently” A comment that describes the Turkish cyber war being launched on the new movie release of Cristian Bale “The promise”.

The narrative consists of an unconventional love story between two man and a woman, taking place in the Ottoman Empire era, specifically in Armenia, describing the death of 1.5 million Armenians at the hand of the Ottoman ruler.

Although the premiere of the movie is still set to launch before today, out of one hundred twenty thousand ratings that have been emitted there was sixty two thousand that gave the movie the lowest rating possible.

Historical dilemma

The historical dilemma has been a matter of tense diplomatic relations between Turkey and any country that classifies the mass deaths as a genocide.

The Turkish government claims the incidents to have been caused by several social and political factors that have not been motivated or undertaken by the Ottoman regime.

Many countries in the world still see the Armenian disaster as a genocide and blame Turkey for the atrocity and the “cover-up”. As a NATO ally, The United States of America has been acting cautiously on the topic to avoid any bilateral tension between the two countries.

Frustrated Producer

The producer of the movie, Mike Medavoy has been raising his discontent and anger on the Turkish online activists who flooded the movie ratings with negative comments, attempting to bring down the production to provoke its failure and protect the historical reality of their country.

Mr. Medavoy said in a press conference: “All I know is that we were in about a 900-seat house with a real ovation at the end, and then you see almost 100,000 people who claim the movie isn’t any good”