Stars in the US election campaign: ‘Yeah. I like Trump.”

George Clooney supported Hillary Clinton, and Richard Gere. But there’s also US stars who stand up for Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. Who is who? An overview.

Just 353.400 dollars: So much costs taking part in a gala dinner, the film star George Clooney and his wife, the human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, give in April honoring Hillary Clinton. The sum of the top which guarantees two seats at the host table, walk directly into Clinton’s campaign war chests.

Hollywood plays like at US election campaigns, often on pages by Democrats. Stars donate fees, with candidates on a promotional tour, appear in TV commercials. Many actors, directors and producers are politically engaged.
For the politicians, in turn, the “endorsements” the stars are important campaign advertising. The Hollywood sizes are role models for many Americans, it could affect even young voters, is the calculus in the strategists of the parties.
This year, Hollywood is divided: there are deep fissures through the American celebrity scene. On the one hand, the stars vary between Clinton and her party rivals of Bernie Sanders. Who is the better democratic presidential candidate? Clinton has the edge here almost.

And then there is Donald Trump is: the Republican candidate of stag provides not only horror – but finds appeal in surprisingly many stars actually. Who supports whom? Click on the pictures to get an overview.