Some Uber and Lyft Drivers are afraid to work

At the point when Tampa police reported 4 men constrained a Lyft driver to take the suspects on a wrongdoing spree, different drivers couldn’t trust it. “I do need to give the driver credit for keeping his cool simply playing alongside the diversion and doing what he needed to do to secure himself,” Shannon Hall said.

Corridor said wellbeing is the thing that he and different drivers continue discussing after what happened. “A considerable measure of them simply feel that, you know, whether the circumstance ever transpired, they feel they need to ensure themselves,” Hall said. Lisa Hunt is stressed over it as well. She said she quit driving around evening time. She connected with the sheriff’s office for offer assistance.

“What is the best exhortation you can give us now on the most proficient method to handle ourselves in a comparative circumstance,” Hunt asked on Facebook. Chase said drivers have been swinging to web-based social networking to talk on the web and give each other exhortation about everyday circumstances. “We are beginning to share data about which neighborhoods we won’t drive in and which zones we won’t get in,” Hunt said.

Chase and Hall said they appreciate driving, yet need to ensure they are as sheltered as could reasonably be expected after what happened to the next Lyft driver. As indicated by Tampa Police, the Lyft driver was grabbed by 4 presumes who constrained him to drive them around Hillsborough County and Polk County, carrying out wrongdoings. “As a person, I have a young man and I have a family so by the day’s end I simply need to go home to see my child,” Hall said.

“I have to ensure I’m doing all that I can to remain safe,” Hunt said. At the point when Tampa Police overhauled ABC Action News last about this episode, they had captured two suspects for the situation and were hunting down two extra suspects.