Smith & Wesson is no longer Your Normal Hand Gun

The large firearms company, Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. has stepped into a wider market of outdoor sports. Although the growth and expansion is moving at an alarming rate, those that know Smith & Wesson don’t take it as a surprise. Although followers of the brand expect change, no one may be ready for the company’s latest move.

The board members of the well-respected brand made a recent announcement to their shareholders, requesting that they vote in favor of having the famous name changed to American Outdoor Brands Corp. This bold move will put them in line with where they desire to take the company. With the approval already received from the board, the company has request that a shareholders’ vote be made at December’s meeting. It is stated that the change will take effect at the beginning of 2017, once the plan has been approved. This will make American Outdoor Brands the holding company for Smith & Wesson, Crimson Trace Businesses, and Battenfeld Technologies, which will cover firearms, electro-optics, manufacturing services, and accessories.

While those familiar with Smith & Wesson might be surprised by the name change, most of them may not know about the nature of the business being changed. The firearm brand has been very active, lately. The company completed their acquisition of Tri Town Precision Plastics Inc. in May 2014, which became Deep River Plastics. This move allows Smith & Wesson to oversee all molding processes and eliminates the need for suppliers, like other firearm companies depend upon.

Battenfeld Technologies was acquired by Smith & Wesson in November 2014. This expanded their sales to include products and services that are associated with firearms, such as gun cleaning, gunsmithing, and reloading supplies. Some of the companies underneath the Battenfeld brands include Wheeler Engineering, Caldwell Shooting Supplies, and Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies.