Scam rumor: French Minister take Renault in protection

French authorities have established Renault and other car brands increased exhaust gas values. Nevertheless, the Government defended the largest carmaker in the country: he did not manipulated other than VW.

France has determined the car manufacturer Renault and several non-French brands exceeding emission standards for diesel vehicles. It comes to the values for carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, as Environment Minister Ségolène Royal announced.

There was no fraud software found in Renault but other than for vehicles Volkswagen, Royal explained according to the French news agency AFP. Renault have accepted to propose solutions for the increased exhaust gas values next week before a Commission.

The French Government had arranged for the VW exhaust affair random testing for 100 vehicles. Volkswagen had manipulated with the help of a software tests of exhaust from diesel vehicles. Front Royal’s press conference, searches of competition and anti-fraud Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at Renault had become known on Thursday.

The stock of the car group was then broke occasionally, more than 20 percent. Currently the listed about 10 percent lower than the previous day. Apparently feared investors, Renault could face a similar exhaust scandal like VW.

Also French Economics Minister Emmanuel Macron took Renault in protection: the company was not specifically targeted by French authorities. “There is nothing special in terms of Renault,” said macron in Berlin.