Most individual investors are utilizing some type of portfolio management software to improve their investments. As an investor’s personal portfolio grows over the years, it often encompasses several investment accounts, including 401(k) s, IRAs, brokerage accounts and savings accounts. Tracking all these accounts accurately is an arduous task, and many investors need help. Luckily, the continuing development of technology has led to increasingly powerful portfolio management software aimed at providing just that.


Some of the best portfolio management programs currently available on the market are Quicken Premier 2011, Investment Account Manager Version 2 and Fund Manager 11. These three software programs are some of the most recognized tools in individual investing. They continue to be updated and improved, and it is believed that they still represent the best portfolio management software programs for individual investors.

The development and expansion of high-speed Internet means that sophisticated tools can now be run from your Web browser. Over the years, Web-based portfolio trackers have become very popular, and there are now significantly more Web-based programs than portfolio tracking software programs. Web-based portfolio trackers offer real-time price updates (usually for a fee) and up-to-the-minute news articles on holdings in your portfolio. The best online portfolio managers can sync directly with your investment accounts, meaning you do not need to enter updates manually. However, while Web-based portfolio trackers are capable tools, software-based portfolio managers still represent a significant upgrade in a majority of areas of functionality.

Investing in portfolio management software will inevitably come with certain costs. In addition to monetary costs, you need to consider the time you will spend learning to use the program. What it takes to configure the program, how easy it is to use and how well it can handle your personal needs will eventually become larger factors than the monetary cost of the program.