Melania Trump is rejected by some of the biggest clothing designers and stylists for Inauguration

It is believed that Ralph Lauren has been chipping away at something for Melania Trump to wear to one of her numerous inauguration events, however it stays indistinct if it’s a dress for the huge day on January 20th. Lauren was one of a modest bunch of planners, Tommy Hilfiger and Diane von Furstenberg among them, who said they would dress the approaching First Lady while Marc Jacobs had beforehand offered a level “no.” THR suggested a similar conversation starter to top Hollywood beauticians as of late at Marie Claire’s second yearly Image Maker Awards in Los Angeles.

Cristina Ehrlich said no, with deference. “How and why she used to dress was one kind of reason and sensibility and now, it will be altogether different. I truly have watched what she’s done and the decisions she’s made, and they have extraordinary regard to them and a complexity. I’m intrigued to see where she will run with her style, yet it’s not something I would be occupied with”, says Ehrlich, whose customers incorporate Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Kendrick, Tina Fey and Priyanka Chopra.

Kate Lee and Mark Townsend, both reacted with a brisk “no comment”, while Jennifer Aniston’s long-lasting hairdresser prodded a more mindful reply. “I definitely have my ideas of what I would do with both Melania and the president-elect. It’s in my head.” Regardless of what Trump wears, one can accept it will be a noteworthy mold minute: The First Lady’s introduction outfit normally winds up at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.