Maserati confirms future hybrid

The Maserati will lead the Fiat Chrysler Cars into an electrified future.

Italian-American companies have adopted a wait for the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, but, speaking to investors at the conference call this week, FCA’s director Sergio Marchionne has now shown the company as a plan.

The Maserati is ready to start using the 2019 electrified discs with the Coupe Alfieri.
“If [Maserati] develops its next two models, it will change the entire portfolio of electrification,” Marchionne said.

He explained that taking the decision was finally on the path of electrification after most of the competitors said, “We were willing to accept this trip until I saw the way forward more clearly.”

But he said it is now an “integral” part of the company’s future development

Although the rear exit of Marchionne has convinced his company to launch a competitive technology. It is understandable that the current foundations of Maserati Ghibli are also using Quattroporte Levante, is compatible with hybridisation and Marchionne said it would happen in the next update of the model.

“Since these products have to be renewed after the 2019 start-up vehicle electric and embody, I mean what cutting-edge technology is considered,” he said.

Hybrid and electric motors have been expanded by Maserati to extend the Dodge through the FCA portfolio of brands such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler and.

“The challenge is the benefit of hybridization, not just in terms of emission reduction but also performance. We have developed hybrid supercar, laferrari and future models Ferrari will use new technology and electrification. ”

Volvo has pledged until 2019 to remove electric internal combustion engines, while Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have already shown or announced the launch of electric sub-brands.

The German competitor Maserati Porsche is obliged with his family’s mission E of the Electric Future and stressed that his sports car will electrify in the future. Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have competed in all electric Formula E series as part of their respective electric drive lately.