Mars bars, KitKats and Dairy Milk Chocolates Will Get Smaller Due to Sugar Crackdown

In order to meet the government’s new aim to reduce sugar intake, Mars, KitKat and Dairy Milk, among other brands, are planning to make their candies smaller. Fizzy drinks companies are being forced to switch to artificial sweeteners, but chocolate companies claim this would ruin the taste of their chocolate bars.

KitKat, Mars and Dairy Milk, among other major brands, are planning on reducing the size of their chocolate bars in order to meet the governments new requirement on reducing public sugar intake.

The Government’s Decision

In March 2017, a series of Public Health England reports on child obesity will be published, showing the relationship between increased sugar intake and increased child obesity in the UK. Because of this the government is pressuring firms to reduce the amount of sugar in their products.

The government body has said this reduction will be measured either in average sugar content per 100g of product, or by portion size reductions.

The Soft Drinks Levy has said it will starting taxing companies which make and sell sugary drinks almost  £1.5 billion over the first three years, starting 2018. The initiative also intends to raise money for school fitness programmes in order to tackle obesity from a different angle.

Companies Reducing Sugar Content

Firms that produce fizzy drinks, breakfast cereals and yoghurts are being forced to reformulate their products using artificial sweeteners. However, chocolate companies claim that artificial sweeteners would ruin the taste.

Therefore, chocolate makers are instead offering to reduce the sizes of their chocolate bars by 20 percent, according to the Sunday times. This would meet the amount Public Health England wanted sugar content to be reduced to by the 2020.

Companies that are offering to reduce their chocolate bar sizes include Mars, Nestle- the owner of KitKat, and Modelez- which owns Cadbury.