Man Enters Oregon Grocery Store And Stabs Staff Member While Holding Human Head

A man entered a grocery in Oregon while allegedly carrying a human head in his hands and stabbed a staff member. The incident happened minutes before officials found a woman’s body in a house in a neighboring town.

It all started on Sunday afternoon and took place at Estacada town. Interim Police Chief in Sandy, Oregon, Ernie Roberts, explained that the man was covered in blood when he went into the Thriftway store with “what looked like a large kitchen-type of knife.” Sandy runs police services for Estacada, which only has 2,600 citizens.

“He didn’t say anything after he was subdued,” Roberts said and then continued that just before the police arrested him, the man said that he was thirsty. “He was in like a catatonic state, wasn’t speaking to anybody. That’s why he was transported to the hospital.”

What Happened?

Shortly after the grocery store’s incident, 911 received a call and then a woman’s body was found in Colton near Estacada. The Police, however, didn’t say if the body was beheaded or not.

On Monday, Authorities started an autopsy on the dead woman but didn’t reveal her identity right away.

Current Status

The suspect and the stabbed employee went to the hospital and they will both survive.

The grocery employee is known as Mike who has been working for years at the Thriftway store. Mike was famous for his friendly attitude and loved by all the customers who brought balloons and a huge get well soon poster for him.

All the customers who witnessed the horrible incident gather in the diner on Sunday. Marvin Flora, the diner’s owner, said:

“It was traumatic, but it happened so fast that nobody really saw what was going on,” he said. “One lady came in this morning and said she actually saw somebody come in with something that was bloody and was carrying something with his arm.”