In Effort To Lure Customers, Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounders To Be Made With Fresh Beef

McDonald’s announced that it’s going to use 100% pure fresh beef in its Quarter Pounders.

On Thursday, McDonald’s announced that it will start making one of its most famous hamburgers, the Quarter Pounder, with fresh beef patties, in hopes to bring back diners who left in search of tastier food.

Bringing back customers:

Earlier this month, executives admit that “hundreds of millions” of visits had been lost by once-loyal customers who drifted away in search of better quality, convenience and value.

The move to use fresh beef seeks to head off Wendy’s, a traditional rival, which likes to emphasize its usage of the fresh, not frozen, beef. Also, getting closer to the so-called better-burger chains, like Five Guys and Smashburger.

The switch to fresh beef in the Quarter Pounder will start next year in a majority of the U.S. restaurants.

Jack Russo, an analyst with brokerage Edward Jones said “Consumers are demanding more in terms of health and wellness. They want to know what’s in their products.”

Executives have been boosting traffic with the all-day breakfast and recently promoting different sizes of Big Macs. They are now starting on their mission to improve food taste meaning that other McDonald’s sandwiches, which include the Big Mac and the McDouble, could eventually be made with fresh beef as well.

Chris Kempczinski, McDonald’s USA president said “By no means are we done. This is a first step.”

He said that the Quarter Pounder was the first burger line chosen for the switch, because it “is right up there with the Big Mac as we think of iconic products. It’s where we have most demanding customers.”

Fresh beef is good for business:

According to McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary, after testing fresh beef in 325 restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and 77 restaurants in Tulsa, Okla., the new Quarter Pounder burgers had a double-digit sales increase.

However, Kempczinski wouldn’t specify how long the switch to fresh might take for other McDonald’s burgers.

Burgers with fresh beef will taste better as it needs to cook less, according to Kempczinski

This change means McDonald’s will have to tweak its how-to manuals for staffers. It will have to update its food safety procedures, such as the proper way to store the patties.

McDonald’s have been making improvements like pledging to have eggs from chickens that aren’t confined to cages by 2025 and eliminating artificial preservatives from Chicken McNuggets.

According to McDonald’s, a boost in annual growth of 3% to 5% starting in 2019 will occur when the company retains existing customers, lures back those who left and turns casual consumers into committed ones.

However, according to Hary, restaurants in Alaska and Hawaii aren’t making the switch, because of the distance and the logistics involved in shipping there.