Hotel Robstown faces the price

The state respects its promise to go after companies trying to get it from the victims of the storm. The Robstown Hotel is now one of the three Texas companies to sue Harvey hurricane prices.

Last week, the Best Western Hotel chain overcame tropic inn links after the footprints report. Now comes the State Attorney’s Office in Texas.

Two weeks before Harvey hit, guests could enter the Tropic Inn for $ 108 a night, but after the governor declared a disaster, refugees seeking shelter, prices rose to $ 289. According to a lawsuit filed by the state attorney, accusing Robstown’s case of price suppression during a catastrophe, which is unlawful.

The trial says:

“Almost immediately, incredible stories of compassion and heroism, journalists have rescued citizens on live television and local business owners have opened their doors to provide shelter for evacuated and rescued workers and exorbitant prices.”

The lawsuit says an employee Tropic Inna told his clients to charge a high rate for “time,” and another employee admitted that the rooms did not go for a normal price.

The hotel is not only faced with gourmet fees. The trial also claimed that he was charging a tax on the hotel, and the governor gave up the victims and the first respondents.

He also claims that Tropic Inn “has caused negative effects on legitimate companies”.

This includes the Best Western. What was once the best Western sign is now covered, because all the marks have been removed from the hotel?

Best Western Representatives refer to KRIS 6:

“Best Western is based on the principles of integrity, honesty, compassion and service, and we have been heartly offended and sorry for the workings of this hotel.” We tolerate and tolerate this embarrassing and unethical behaviour. “Our thoughts and prayers remain in individuals, families, and communities engulfed with Harvey Hurricane.

The state is demanding $ 20,000 for all clients claiming to be victims. If the client is over 65, he is $ 250,000. That, in addition to all legal fees, and the lawsuit says it could add more than a million dollars in punishment.

Today, the State Attorney’s Office filed lawsuits against three companies in Texas, but that would be just the beginning. They received more than 3,300 charges for price deterioration because the governor declared a catastrophe.