Harry Potter Hand-Written Manuscript Stolen From J.K Rowling’s Home During Burglary

Harry Potter hand-written manuscript was stolen in mid-April, a burglar knocked over jewelry and an 800-word prequel to the series jotted down by bestseller author J. K. Rowling.

A Harry Potter 800-word manuscript originally jotted down by Harry Potter author Ms J. K. Rowling herself was stolen by burglars in a Birmingham suburb during a break-in in Kings Heath that came about between April 13 and 24. The manuscript in question refers to Potter’s father and his friend before his Harry Potter’s birth.

The prequel created to help writers

West Midlands Police announced in a statement Friday, “The only people who will buy this unique piece are true Harry Potter fans. We are appealing to anyone who sees, or is offered this item for sale, to contact police.”

The prequel was auctioned in hopes of boosting Dyslexia Action and English PEN, an advocacy group for free speech and human rights. It was also scrawled on the two sides of an A5 postcard and adorned by Rowling’s signature. The postcard reads, “From the prequel, I am not working on — but that was fun!”, according to CNN.

The 800-word manuscript is written about Harry Potter’s father James Potter and his friend Sirius Black’s altercation with Muggle cops three years before Harry’s birth. The prequel was sold at auction for a whopping price $32,000, which means it was sold for £25,000, according to the Daily Mail, which published a full transcript of the narrative.


“The prequel, set shortly before the birth of Harry Potter, centres on his father, James, and his mentor, Sirius Black. The men have a dustup with a pair of police officers, from whom they escape on broomsticks, according to reports in the British news media, New York Times reveals the narrative.

Rowling and police are calling Harry Potter fans worldwide in an attempt to regain the “extremely valuable” manuscript. Rowling also has made her own urgent plea as she took to Twitter to address fans, “PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS IF YOU’RE OFFERED IT. Originally auctioned for @englishpen, the owner supported writers’ freedoms by bidding for it.”