German Police Stop Train Driver Found To Be Drunk

German authorities have stopped a train driver who was found to be drunk, after passengers reported that he was making abrupt stops at several stations. The rail company, Deutsche Bahn, ensured that passengers weren’t in danger, as there were safety systems in place on the tracks and on the train just incase.

The Incident

On Sunday afternoon, passengers on a train going between Aachen and Stolberg, reported to German authorities that the driver was making abrupt stops from station to station. The authorities later arrested the driver who turned out to be highly intoxicated while driving the train.

“On arrival the officers were also able to recognize clear signals of the consumption of intoxicating substances,” the police said in a statement.

According to a spokesman for the police, two of the passengers who noticed the stops went up to the driver, noticing that he had glassy, red eyes and seemed inebriated. They called the police, who then stopped the train at Stolberg. They conducted an alcohol test, which revealed that he had a high level of alcohol on his system, making him completely incapable of driving the train properly. It was not clear right away how long the driver was driving the train while intoxicated. The police also conducted a test for drugs, but they turned out negative.

The Rail Company On The Incident

The national rail firm, Deutsche Bahn, which runs most trains in the country has a strict policy of their drivers having zero alcohol in their system while driving. The general “absolute” alcoholic limit for car drivers is usually 1.1 grams of alcohol for every liter of blood before they face charges. The train driver was found to have over 2 grams per liter of blood.

The rail company also ensured that despite this incident, passengers were not in danger, as there were safety systems in place on the tracks as well as on the train incase their drivers made any mistakes.