Disturbed Knife-Wielding Man Attempts To Get To Ivanka Trump

The man attempted to enter Trump Tower claiming to be a Senator and wanting to talk to Ivanka

Sixto Adames Benitez, 52, entered Trump Tower at approximately 4PM Thursday afternoon, asking to see Ivanka Trump.

Benitez was met by Secret Service agents, telling them that he was a U.S. senator and he wanted to meet Ms. Trump to discuss her “dresses”.

The New York Police Department took Benitez into custody and then transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center to be evaluated after exhibiting disturbing and delusional behavior.

The NYPD described the incident as follows: “He was trying to meet with Ivanka Trump to discuss her dresses. He was discovered to be wearing a bullet-resistant vest. . . further investigation revealed he had a forged identification card.”

Benitez was charged with criminal possession of a weapon (two counts), and forgery in the first degree for carrying a fake identification card.

Authorities went on to describe that Benitez exhibited “behavior of an emotionally disturbed person.”

Ms. Trump had accompanied her father, President Donald Trump, to Poland for the G20 forum in Germany. She currently resides in Kalorama in Washington D.C. with her husband and two children.

Controversy over Trump Tower security detail

Controversy has surrounded the extra security detail assigned to Trump Tower, as First Lady Melania Trump refused to move to Washington D.C. after her husband won the election.

Melania insisted upon remaining in the couple’s penthouse with son Barron Trump, despite countless petitions demanding she move into the White House.

The city of New-York spent millions of tax-payer dollars on assuring extra security detail, and Congress dedicated an estimated $120 million for security detail, half of which went to Secret Service duty.

Another $60 million in funding for security detail has gone to areas the Trump family frequents recreationally, such as New York City restaurants and businesses, and Palm Beach County in Florida.