“DaddyOFive” Couple Loses Two Children After Numerous Complains

Biological mother takes away the children of the famous YouTube channel DaddyOFive’ couple.

Last month, DaddyOFive couple, Mike Martin and Heather, uploaded several videos which audiences translated as abuse. In the videos, the pair did a couple of pranks to their kids.

Harmful Pranks

One video showed Mike and Heather emptying a bottle of ink on the carpet and accusing their nine-year-old kid, Cody, of pouring the ink. While people saw that Cody was nervous in the video, the couple explained the prank while laughing hysterically.

Another prank in another video revealed Mike ordering his son, Cody, to slap his 11-year-old sister Emma in the face. Supposedly, the slap was a punishment for Emma for losing in a game.

“You know you don’t hit girls, but she’s your sister so she don’t count,” Mike said to Cody in the clip.

The comment section of the videos witnessed a wave of rage while people watched the clips. People were accusing DaddyOFive parents of being abusive to their kids.  One of the audiences even called the child protections services.

Later after that, the couple removed all the videos from their channel leaving their YouTube with a 21-minute apology video. In the video, Mike and Heather explained that these were just pranks and the kids knew that and they were involved.


Even though the parents apologized, people were still angry where many people refused the apology.

“I hope these kids don’t genuinely feel like they have to cover for you by saying everything is ok,” One of the comments said.

Cody and Emma are now living with their biological mother, Rose, as she took them as “emergency custody.”

“They’re doing good and they’re getting back to their playful selves,” Rose stated.