Chancellor Faymann: “We want to be the buffer zone for Germany”

Austria’s Federal Chancellor Faymann has again criticised his German colleague Mrs Merkel. Their course in the refugee crisis, create a “magnetic effect” – to the detriment of other countries.

Austria’s Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) has made it already often clear that he is not a friend of Angela Merkel’s course in the refugee policy. Now he has again sharply criticized the behavior of the Chancellor.

Early March Faymann had prompted Germany once again, to introduce an annual limit for refugees. Merkel remains opposed to it.
Germany’s behavior was “very unfair”, Austria to Faymann complained in an interview. Merkel’s policy could cause that Austria take damage. “We were the first country in which the refugees are saying also asylum on the Balkan route,” he said. “We want to be but not the buffer zone for Germany”. To maintain the magnetic action, an error is European, “because it the Balkans and others – about Italy as a alternative route – under pressure.”

Germany could raise relatively easy a backlog of refugees on its border, wanted by Austria, Faymann said. He wished that Merkel clearly say that people do not have illegal channels could travel.

In the past few months have proved to be, that the envisaged European solution was not working. Therefore, Austria have to act with own limits. Also Germany should follow this example, said Faymann.