Bernie Sanders WINS Washington and Alaska

In the race for the U.S. presidential nomination a little soil makes good Bernie Sanders: in Washington and Alaska he could prevail in the primaries clearly against Hillary Clinton.

In the US primaries in Washington and Alaska his rival Hillary Clinton beat Senator Bernie Sanders clearly. Several U.S. transmitters log that consistently. In Washington, Sanders is about 76 per cent, well ahead of the ex-Secretary of State. The results in the West Coast State matter most this weekend: dealing with 101 votes.

In Alaska, 16 delegate votes are up for grabs. He won leftist Sanders with 79 percent.
When the Democrat Clinton has the edge so far. It has according to a count of “New York Times” already 1681 of the requisite 2383 delegate votes collected. However, only 927 reached Sanders. When the Republicans multi-billionaire Donald Trump leading the field of candidates–Republicans vote this weekend.