At the end of the sanctions: These industries hoping for great deals with Tehran

After the end of the sanctions against Iran, especially German companies there smell a billion dollar business. But some problems tarnish the gold-rush atmosphere.

The message said many Iranians in a cheering mood: the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed on Saturday night that Tehran has dramatically scaled back its nuclear program. Thus, the conditions are met, that the United States and the EU lift the punitive measures against Tehran, which were around a decade. Iran can return to the world market.

But not only Tehran now expects an immense boom.

Especially companies from Germany have high hopes on it, to take advantage of the end of sanctions:

The aerospace industry already shot ahead: according to Iran’s Transport Minister Abbas Achundi, the country has ordered now 114 Airbus aircraft.

A quick revival of contacts is now necessary, stressed the foreign trade Chief of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK), Volker Treier. “Then a business volume of EUR 5 billion is in there for German companies in the medium term; in the long run ten billion export volume are quite realistic.”

Especially the machine builders have put himself in position. “We need to take advantage of the opportunities in Iran”, says the Chief Executive of the industry association VDMA, Thilo Brodtmann. Member companies would prepared for months for the time after the end of the sanctions.