Arizona Man Accused Of Throttling Stepdaughter After She Goes Missing Last Month

A man from Tucson, Arizona has been accused of throttling his stepdaughter, 13. Last month, the girl went missing last month but her body was found in the dessert after less than 24 hours.

The girl is named Jayden Glomb and her step father is 37-year-old Joshua Lelevier. Police stated that Lelevier was arrested Wednesday for alleged first-degree murder and deserting or hiding a dead body relating to her death. It is believed the incident happened around May 11.

Lelevier is currently at the Pima County Jail in Arizona on a $500,000 bond.

Nobody officially filed charges against him yet and he didn’t go into a plea, his public defender stated.

Lelevier’s public defender confirmed that the suspect will show up in court on June 12.


Accusations claim that there are police documents proving a link between Lelevier to Glomb’s murder. Evidence like her blood in the family’s car as well as online searches made on her personnel computer while she was in school and Lelevier the only one in the house.

According to the documents, the searches included suicide along with drug overdoses. The searchers were also about exsanguination.

In addition to these searches, experts also discovered a word document “that could be interpreted as a suicide note,” which was purportedly erased less than an hour after Lelevier stated he first found out Glomb’s missing.

Other Support

Another thing that supports the connection between Lelevier and his stepdaughter’s murder is Lelevier’s wife. Glomb’s mom said that the evening her daughter went missing, Lelevier’s shirt had “dirt and plant matter on it, as if he had been out in the desert.”

Glomb was seen alive for the last time on the evening of May 10. Lelevier said he woke up at around 1:30 a.m. the following morning and found out Glomb was missing.