A Teenage Girl Stabbed And Hacked An Uber Driver To Death

An Uber driver was purportedly stabbed and hacked to death by a 16-year-old girl in Chicago in the Memorial Day weekend. The teenager was accused on Wednesday of first-degree murder.

The aftermath

In a news conference on Wednesday, prosecutors said the girl called for an Uber on Tuesday morning from a Walmart located in Lincolnwood, Illinois. When she went into the car, she started to stab the driver using a stolen machete and knife.

34 year old Grant Nelson was identified to be the driver. He lives in Wilmette, Illinois and had been an Uber driver since February 2016.

Unfortunately, hours after stabbing him, Nelson died. Just before taking his last breaths, Nelson provided the police of the attacker’s description.

The attacker is as Eliza Wasni, a 16-year-old teenager but was charged as an adult.

What happened?

At around 3 am on Tuesday, someone saw Wasni walking “nonchalantly” in Walmart. She was holding the machete in one hand and the knife in another hand. The machete was stolen as she left Walmart without paying for it. Walmart employees didn’t stop her. Cook County State’s Lawyer Michelle Cunningham stated.

At 3.18 a.m., she ordered Uber. Two minutes after riding with Nelson, she started to “hack and stab at him from the back of the seat,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham added that before he dies, Nelson stopped the car and entered a condo building. He went into the lobby while “banging and screaming, ‘Help me, help me, I’m going to die.’”

Residents of the condo then dialed 911. When police came, Nelson was lying on the ground covered in his blood. According to Cunningham, he was stabbed in his arms, side as well as head and chest.

He managed to describe Wasni and then he later died at Presence St. Francis Hospital.