16 Million At Risk Of Starvation In Nigeria, Somalia And South-Sudan

In the shadows of the media’s attention lies catastrophes that are of severe magnitude and could have far worse implications on the global outcome.

As a result of various political confrontations in Nigeria, South-Sudan and Somalia; 16 million people are at risk of food drought and could go extinct in less than a few month. Emergency Situation has been affirmed in Somalia and South-Sudan  as a total of roughly 4 million people are on the brinks of obsolescence according to officials of the United Nation, as well as the spread of acute starvation in the north-eastern region of Nigeria.

Subsequent to Stephen O’Brien the United Nations Humanitarian Chief’s stopover to South-Sudan and Somalia, he recounted to the Security council: “We are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations”.

Trump’s agenda

Light was spotted on this humanitarian plight in the world’s most anguished continent after the recent attempt of the United States president to cut the budget his country designates for altruistic foreign aid. The new budget blueprint of the Trump administration could see a dramatic reduction of the allocation of resources towards this cause, which has known to be the largest benefactor to the UN since its inception.

Global reaction

This comes as a shock to all concerned organizations as well as White house veterans like Steven Feldstein ( former deputy secretary of State under the Obama administration) as he quote said: “I’ve never seen this kind of threat to what otherwise has been a bipartisan consensus that food aid and humanitarian assistance programs are morally essential and critical to our security”.

The aftermath of this decision could see negative externalities spill on the regional level as well as on the international level, as the masses of refugees fleeing the misery can change their destination from neighboring countries towards the European continent, aggravating the already alarming rate of  asylum seekers.